Elegance, Taste and Know-how will be at the rendezvous of the Arié Chel Hyda table! In full board, Glatt Kosher Lamehadrine, without kitniot and without chrouya, Under the supervision of Rav Ephraim Cremisi (Dayan in Montreal) Taste the High Gastronomy of our …

Our French & Israeli chefs

They will ensure you high-quality culinary services … Israeli breakfasts, Kidush (Shabbatot and Yom Tov), Lunches, Snacks, and Dinners ... All these meals will be served to you at the table and in buffets. The reputation of our chefs is combined with the tasty and prestigious French haute cuisine, the refinement of Eastern European dishes, the taste of the thousand and one flavors of the East, linked to the charms of recipes from the land of Israel ... where tradition rhymes with abundance. Our Master Pastry Chefs will enhance our delicious meals with a selection of delicious desserts and pastries. Wines and other drinks will be served for all meals of the stay. The Table service... will be performed exclusively, by professional maîtres d'hôtel. Their Passion for Quality, their Efficiency, with attention and friendliness will be the secrets of a service of choice. ARIE CHEL HYDA guarantees you an excellent service that meets all your requirements.